Divorce – A Trying Time

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Family Law is an area of law that covers a wide range of highly emotional issues consequent upon the breakdown of a relationship or marriage. It deals primarily with such matters as divorce, division of property, care of children, domestic violence and child maintenance just to name a few.

The matters that separating couples have to deal with can be complex and confusing. People are forced to make life changing decisions at a time when they are least equipped to do so, when their lives are in a state of emotional upheaval. Few people really understand what their legal rights or responsibilities are. Well meaning friends and family may try to assist by relating their own experiences or those of people they know. This can only add to the confusion as no two situations are the same and legal advice should not be given by people not equipped to do so as at best it may be misleading and confusing.

If you are contemplating separation or if you have already separated, it is of the utmost importance that you see a Solicitor at an early stage, and obtain advice about your rights in your specific situation. Consulting a Solicitor does not mean that things are going to necessarily get “nasty” and that you will end up in Court. Quite the contrary, understanding your legal rights and how you might best approach the issues between you and your partner, may go a long way towards helping to resolve the issues without the expense and unpleasantness of Court where a complete stranger (a Judge) makes decisions about your assets and your children.

Having an understanding of the law places you in a far better position to discuss and negotiate matters with your partner. It is only if communications have broken down completely, or if there are issues of violence, that you might resort to Court proceedings. This should be a last resort after all other reasonable avenues are exhausted and should be avoided if at all possible.

If you are wondering what your rights would be if you separate or if you have already separated, then call us and find out.